MP’s and Bereaved Families Ask to Fire NHS Chief if He does not Resign

MP’s and Bereaved Families Ask to Fire NHS Chief if He does not ResignBereaved families and politicians have shown strong emotions last night to seek the resignation of NHS chief, Sir David Nicholson and said if he is not willing to resign, he should be sacked from the post. Sir David Nicholson is alleged of increase in number of death rates because of appalling conditions in the hospitals of NHS trust.

Mr. Walker, who was the chief executive in United Lincolnshire hospitals NHS trust, said that he was sacked from the position in 2010 when he raised concerns to Sir David about increasing number of death rates at his trust. Moreover, he said, a punishment was given to him for speaking about patient’s safety by taking his job away.

A petition has been posted on the website after being signed by more than 2,500 campaigners asking the government for Sir David to resign. According to the reports, more than 1,200 patients died between 2005 and 2009, because of negligence of the trust.

MP’s are expected to build more pressure on Sir David by questioning him over expenses as the mail has revealed that he spent £6,000 of public money to meet his personal expenses. According to a spokesman, doctors, nurses and managers responsible for deaths of patients between 2005 and 2009 could have charges of manslaughter against them.