Twitter Puts Kibosh on Posterous, Will Shut Down on April 30

TwitterAs per recent news, Twitter has acquired Posterous, which is a blogging platform based in San Francisco. The site appeared in 2008 funded by Y Combinator, but its recent acquisition by Twitter was end of the road for it.

The site will shut down on April 30 this year. However, that is not any news to get worried or sad for. The Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan has promised to launch another site called Posthaven which he says will never shut down. May his word be true or false, but for the moment, the bloggers on Posterous have a backup to their sites.

Tan said that he, together with another co-founder of Posterous, Brett Gibson are coding the new sites right from their bedrooms and pledge to keep the new URLs inline forever. He, further, asserted that Posthaven will never invite or accept any funding and shall be available to its users forever.

Tan clarified that they will be shutting down their website and mobile apps on April 30, after which the Spaces on Posterous will not be available to users to either view or edit. To backup your Spaces, you need to navigate to "Posterous. com/#backup", where one will need to log in and "Request Backup" next to space they need to backup.