Bionic Legs for Injured Armymen

Bionic Legs for Injured ArmymenThe government has declared an amount of £6.5m to be spent on buying latest prosthetic limbs for soldiers who lost their limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chancellor George Osborne made a reserve to avail the soldiers injured in the war the latest technology bionic limbs. Military personnel were eager to try the limbs at the Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Centre.

Around 160 soldiers who lost their limbs will be benefited with the provision of up-to-date artificial limbs by the government. To provide the soldiers of the army with the best possible care and support is always on the top priority list of the government, stated Defense Secretary Philip Hammond.

Mr. Hammond announced with a delight about the funding of £6.5 million to be used for buying artificial limbs to the soldiers. He said that this will make sure that the UK servicemen and veterans who went to Iran and Afghanistan and got injured get the most advanced prosthetics.

He added that government is aware of the fact that they have served their country suffering life-changing injuries so they deserve the best possible clinical treatments, which are appropriate for them. The announced fund also avail the facility of a life time support by NHS for the injured soldiers in their treatments.