Technology Site’s Owner Discusses How Cyber attack into Apple and Facebook Happened

apple-facebookOwner of iPhonedevsdk, Ian Sefferman, asserted that the cyber-attack that ended on January 30, 2013 was caused by the vulnerability in a Java plug-in.

He discussed the details of how the cyber attack happened which breached into security of a number of personal accounts of users. The attack breached the security of employees’ computers at Apple and Facebook.

Yesterday, Apple asserted that hackers targeted the employees’ computers; however, no proof has been collected as yet that determines loss of any data from the giant. It affirmed in a statement that software made use of vulnerability of java plug-in.

It was learnt that one administrator account was hacked and it was used to modify theme and inject JavaScript into our site. It employed some unknown and complicated method to break the security.

The exact timeline of exploit and other details are still being looked for though the hacking event ended on January 30, 2013. Apple had to block Java from some of its Macs by the end of last month using an antimalware tool called XProtect.

“We're continuing to work with Facebook, Vanilla, other targeted companies, and law enforcement to find out who is behind this sophisticated attack”, sited Sefferman. In past few months, some 40 companies have been affected by cyberattacks.