IVF to be Made Available to Women up to 42 Years of Age

IVFAccording to new guidelines being issued by NHS, women up to 42 years of age shall be allowed to receive IVF. The limit initially was 39.

Earlier, lesbian couples were also not allowed the treatment but the revised guidelines will offer them the benefit too. The guidelines were recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice).

It was learnt that after the changes in guidelines, lesbian couples can undergo the procedure if they are diagnosed with fertility problems. In addition, the women of 40 to 42 years of age shall be allowed to have one cycle of IVF if it is their first attempt.

The change is seen as a big help to thousands of couples who are facing problem in conceiving. Earlier, the couples had to spent heavy amounts on such treatment and the success rate was recorded as low as 28% in 38 year olds.

The new guidelines shall, however, be applicable to England and Wales only. Further, it is learnt that intro-uterine insemination shall be made available to lesbian couples. If still, after six cycles of IUI, these couples struggle to conceive, they shall be given IVF.

These recommendations came after Labour relaxations in 2008 law; however, not everyone is pleased about the new changes.