HPA Tracking SARS-like Virus-infected Man’s Co-Passengers

SARS VirusThe Health Protection Agency (HPA) is tracking the passengers of an aeroplane who sat near the first person in the UK who was diagnosed with SARS-like virus. The man who has been diagnosed was travelling from Saudi Arabia back to London. Lately, his 39-year-old son died in a hospital of Birmingham infected with the same virus, which was passed on to him.

HPA has confirmed that the passengers who are being tracked are those who were sitting in the same row of the infected person or in the two rows in front or behind him. The agency has also followed up the close contact cases of around 100 people among his family and friends. In these cases, one of the second relative has been diagnosed with a mild illness but has recovered since then, and all the other cases have been registered negative.

Those workers in healthcare who are treating the infected person are also tested and reassured of any health risk. HPA is of the view that this is a standard procedure followed by them of tracking closely related people in the case of any such major type of infections like measles or tuberculosis. They also added that Britain has four confirmed cases of illness known as novel coronavirus and 12 anywhere in the world with six deaths so far, including the one in the UK.