Researchers at UAE University Find Honey Effective against Cancer

Researchers at UAE University Find Honey Effective against CancerIn a recent research by the researchers at UAE University, it has been discovered that honey retrieved from the New Zealand's manuka tree is effective against hampering the growth of cancer cells to a great extent.

Honey from this particular tree was found beneficial in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells including breast cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer. Further, it has proved successful in suppressing the toxicity caused by the chemotherapy treatment.

Manuka honey is known for its anti-bacterial and wound0healing properties from many years. This has been for the first time that it is found effective against cancer cells. The details of its efficacy against cancer are to be scrutinized yet, asserted Dr Basel Al Ramadi, the Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the UAEU.

The researchers' team examined the effect of honey on cancer cell lines of breast, skin and colon. They explained that addition of manuka honey in amounts as small as one percent can help in halting the cancer cell growth by 70%.

"The evidence so far suggests that manuka acts by stimulating a number of proteins inside the cells that leads to the induction of apoptosis, or programmed cell death", affirmed Dr. Al Ramadi.