Claris Lifesciences Receives Approval from the US for Two Drugs

ClarisAccording to the reports, Claris Lifesciences, an Ahmadabad based company has received two approvals for Ondensetron injection for the US markets. The total estimate of the products size is expected to be $49 million in the US. Ondensetron injection is indicated for treating nausea and vomiting related to emetogenic cancer chemotherapy and nausea and vomiting post operation.

According to the company, Ondensetron will be launched in two variants 2 mg/ml in 2 ml single dosage vials and 20 ml multi dosage vials. An approval for manufacturing facility was recently received by the Claris from USFDA. As of now the company has nine Abbreviated New Drug Applications across four molecules and total filling of 30 ANDAs across 20 products.

Claris Lifesciences stock price fell by 4% on Tuesday on Bombay Stock Exchange at Rs 186.30. The share prices gained 0.05% to trade at RS 194.25. The stock prices were recorded highest to trade at Rs. 199 and lowest at Rs.
184.60. Average total trade quantity for last two weeks was 0.53 lakhs compared to total trade quantity of 0.87 lakhs,.

Being one of the largest sterile injectables pharmaceutical companies in India, Claris Lifesciences has received two ANDA approvals for Ondensetron injection in the United States of America.