Waiting Times Torment Prostate, Lung Cancer Patients

Macmillan-CancerMacmillan Cancer Support revealed in its conversation with Telegraph that the waiting times for the bowel and prostate cancer patients are "extremely disappointing".

According to the charity, 20% of the bowel and prostate cancer patients' lives are not safe. The figures that have come out in the press have shed light on the way the number of cases for the same have not been dealt effectively and is far below the aim.

In response to this, the Department of Health said that there are certain cancers that take far more time to diagnose, thus, delay in treatment for the same occurs. According to the department, figures have considered all the cancers and not individual cancers.

The paper published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry also provided a maiden unequivocal data that says that eating fish in omega-3 fats can decrease the danger of breast cancer by 33.33%.

Newspapers have thrown light on the way experiments were performed to produce these results. The trials were performed on mice genetically engineered to both produce the healthy acids and grow mammary tumours.

The researchers observed that two-thirds of them produced as many tumours as was required to cause the disease. It was also seen that the tumours were 30% lesser than those in the control group.