Regular Use of Painkillers Results in Dependency

Regular Use of Painkillers Results in DependencyAccording to a healthcare charity, two in five painkiller users need medication just to be able to work. Nuffield Health has warned that regular use of addictive drugs is dangerous and results into dependency after it found 37% of people only take medications so that they can go to work. Approximately 3,100 people were surveyed to figure out how often they take painkillers and for what reasons.

Half of the people reported to take painkillers so as to manage pains or injuries in the last year. Around 25% people said that they have to take between five to 10 painkillers every day to manage pains. One third of the all, expressed their worries about being dependent on drugs, said the charity.

One in every three people was engaged in taking powerful medications like codeine and tramadol. Besides, 7% were taking opiates, including morphine and pethidine, which are even stronger. According to experts, people go for painkillers as it is cost effective and easy remedy for medical problems.

"A lack of knowledge, or fear of treatment, can lead patients into long-term use of painkillers, often without a clear diagnosis by a specialist", said Manoj Krishna, consultant spinal surgeon at Nuffield Health Tees Hospital.

Dependency on drugs results in prolonged depression that often leads people to quit their jobs. Despite being successfully treated against a medical condition, people have struggled to cope with drug addiction, he further added.