Quarrel between Women at Workplace Is Dangerous Of All, Says Canadian Study

Quarrel-Women-WorkplaceAccording to a Canadian study, of all the quarrels that take place at workplaces, quarrel between two women is most dangerous and pours in greater negativity into the workplace.

It was learnt that when two women indulge in dispute at workplace, it is more toxic than man-man and man-woman quarrel. The findings were derived from a sample of some 152 people, of which 47% were females.

The study was conducted by the University of B. C.'s Sauder School of Business. In a release from UBC, it was explained that chances of repairing a broken relationship between managers were 15% higher when both were male-male or male-female as compared to female-female.

PhD candidate Leah Sheppard carried out the study along with Professor Karl Aquino. Sheppard said, in an interview, that general nature of women is more encouraging than men. But the Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Laura Jones, said that the study was more about perceptions than reality.

Sheppard said that the study has much more to do yet about perception of women in the workplace. "Our findings will help to increase managers' awareness of this bias, so they don't let stereotypes guide their decisions on how they staff teams and leverage the full talent of female employees", he added.