Cigars, Pipes Equally Harmful as Cigarettes

smokingCigars and pipes are as dangerous for health as cigarettes, according to a recent study. Pipes and cigars damage lungs as cigarettes do. These are associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. It causes damage to the airways and makes it more difficult to breathe.

Pipe and cigar smoking is on the increase because people have misperception that pipes and cigars are safer than cigarettes. 18% out of the 56 study participants who had smoked at least 20 cigars or pipe-bowls in their lives showed airway obstruction. Just half of them had ever smoked cigarettes. Cigars and pipes are still considered as signs of sophistication, affluence, education and celebration.

"Physicians should consider pipe and cigar smoking a risk factor for COPD and counsel their patients to quit", said a senior researcher Dr. R. Graham Barr, an assistant professor at Columbia University Medical Center in New York.