Google to Argue over Info Deletion in Europe's Highest Court

GoogleA recent report has found that on Tuesday, the highest court of Europe is to hear arguments of Google Inc. Google is to fight with data protection authority of Spain in a landmark case having global implications.

It has been revealed that the case poses the Internet age's hardest question. It asks when the information is private in actual. As per the findings, the whole issue has been contracted to the poser.

It is being asked for an instance if social security contributions are not paid by a person and his house also is auctioned off in the wake of it, does he have the right to demand deletion of the damaging information from Google?

Google lawyers would argue in the court, therefore, that lawful content not created by Google from the massive search index should not be asked to be erased by the search engine company. Also, it would be argued by Spanish officials that all information, which breached an individual's privacy, should be deleted by Google.

However, arguments would be opened in Luxembourg. But, the ruling may be seen in nine months to almost a year. "I regularly hear requests from people to 'remove all references to me, Mrs. X, from the Internet'", said Peter Fleischer, Google's global privacy counsel. However, he told that it was his views and not the company's.