Older Women Rarely Choose Abortion

abortionThe Office for National Statistics has published latest statistics related to abortions, which have revealed that the abortion rate amongst women above 40 years in age has fallen to a notable extent.

It has been found that the rates are falling at a fast pace. A large number of women of this age group have preferred to become mothers. These women now-a-days do not consider pregnancy as any mistake. In fact, they themselves seem actively making attempts to start a family.

On the other hand, the report uncovered that the rate of abortion has gone up amidst younger women. The reason behind the same is probably their careers. Also, higher number of women these days prefers pursuing higher education.

Besides, an increased number of women under-30s now delay marrying and some of them simply decide that they could not afford children. Almost 27.7% of women of age 20 to 24 years ended their pregnancies in abortion.

The report finds that the rate of conception among women over 40 has gone up by 3.7% in one year. In two decades, the same has more than doubled.

"Reasons for an increased number of women aged 40 and over conceiving include increased participation in higher education; delayed marriage and partnership formation", said the ONS report.