Fighting Vitiligo; Protein Tested on Mice

Fighting Vitiligo; Protein Tested on MiceVitiligo is known to be an intractable skin disorder that takes places due to the loss of dark pigmentation. It is an auto-immune disorder in which cells of the body's immune system destroy melanocytes. These are basically the cells that are responsible for darkening the tone of skin color.

Almost one in 200 people get affected by this disorder. For the very first time, scientists have tried and produced an advanced therapy for treating this disease and there seems to be positive hopes from it. This therapy basically helps in reversing the loss of hair colour.

It has been presently worked on mice with vitiligo. It includes the utilization of a modified version of a protein that tends to block a key immune system mechanism underlying vitiligo.

Offering a potential treatment for vitiligo, this therapy has not been tested on humans yet. Therefore, as said by Biologist Caroline Le Poole at the Loyola University, Chicago, and her colleagues, it is still hard to prove that whether this therapy would actually result into improved skin pigmentation in human patients or not.

Presently, it is the ultraviolet radiation therapy along with corticosteroids and other compounds that are prescribed by doctors to control the disease but so far, no such effective and reliable treatment has been introduced for it.