Vegetarians Fear Walkers’ Decision of Selling Meat-Added Smoky Bacon

WalkersBritain's biggest crisp maker has come up with new plans that smoky bacon as well as roast chicken crisps would now be sold with meat added to them for the first time. It has been found that the announcement has concerned, rather terrified all vegetarians.

It was earlier this month that the international food giant Pepsico's part, Walkers, informed the Vegetarian Society that their meat-free flavours would be containing extracts of meat within weeks.

According to Walkers, British snack food manufacturer, the move is being taken so that the company could get rid of the `junk food' tag. But, vegetarians came reacting with dismay and horror, since they have been consuming the products since many years.

The report has found that the company surprisingly did not ever use real bacon or chicken in its different varieties of crisps. It rather made use of artificial flavours.

But, controversy has arisen amongst vegetarians, who would probably not be able to enjoy the flavour crisps they loved. The company is being asked by them to reconsider the decision.

"I can understand your concerns over this matter however; we are using only free-range chicken and freedom food pork to ensure the highest standard of animal welfare", affirmed Walkers customer services in a letter to a complainant.