Pinellas County Again Reports Fluoride in Tap Water

Pinellas County Again Reports Fluoride in Tap WaterIt has been found in a report that tap water in Pinellas County has again started to report fluoride in it. From Thursday midnight, fluoride was added in the water by the county.

More than half a million faucets were observed delivering fluoridated tap water by this morning. It is after a break of 18 months that the move has been taken. The hiatus had been sparked by a political fight, which had taken jobs of two county commissioners in turn.

The 2011 vote by the County Commission against water fluoridation had come answering a determined grass-roots campaign. Also, the same had marked a departure from the customary middle-of-road approach of the commission.

But, the county commission was decided to be barnstormed by a group of individuals. The former Democratic legislator, Charlie Justice, said fluoride was a lightning rod, without a doubt, as it led many people to call him.

Crowds of voters came out in November's election due to the fluoride issue. "The government's position should always be to protect the rights of the individual. At the end of the day, it's my body, and my body belongs to me", affirmed a Clearwater marketing consultant, Pamela Hummel. She had fought the fluoride decision in November.