Talking on Phone While Taking Left Turn is Dangerous: Study

phone-callsAttending phone calls while driving was always thought to be dangerous, but a new report by Toronto researchers has shed light on the nitty-gritty of the same.

The study explained that if one talks on phone while taking left turn, there are chances of coming across an accident. The study was conducted under a researcher at St. Michael's Hospital. Neurologist Tom Schweizer concluded in the study that if hands are not free while driving then the motorcyclists can face accidents.

Schweizer said, "Quite possibly, this is the most dangerous move you could make on the road. So the visual cortex is one area of the brain you don't want to shut down". He said that the MRI scans have also confirmed the fact that while taking left turns, the areas controlling vision and motor work simultaneously. So alertness is the need of the hour.

He explained that the blood moves away from the visual cortex to the prefrontal cortex. This affects the thinking part of the brain. Brain alertness decreases in visual cortex from 59% to 36%. If without using phone, human brain has to control so much then talking on phone only adds to complications. Visual area gets thoroughly veiled in this case.