Maori High School Students Excessively Drinks, Says Study

Maori High School Students Excessively Drinks, Says StudyAccording to a study taken out by a group of researchers from the Auckland University, it has been revealed that Maori high school students are into binge drinking. The study findings have been indicating that the government needs to take such steps which will keep alcohol away from minors.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers assessed the data from the Youth '07 national health survey. After going through the data, it was revealed that the group is into binge drinking.

It has also been found that the Maori high school students are being helped by the adults and then they are able to get drinks. Lead researcher Terryann Clark said that young people are drinking less but Maori are drinking more when compared with other groups.

"They don't drink as often, but when they do drink, they drink incredibly heavily and they're doing it much more than other groups", said Clark. Clark continued by saying that it is a high time now that the government should bring a positive change in the country's culture.

It is important to know the side effects of having binge drinking. Poor performance in academics, injuries and accidents are some of the many side effects linked with binge drinking.