Obesity Gene Responsible for Skin Cancer: Study

Skin-CancerScientists have unveiled the reasons for obesity and skin cancer. According to them, the gene that is related to obesity can be associated with the risk of malignant melanoma.

"This is the first time to our knowledge that this major obesity gene, already linked to multiple illnesses, has been linked to melanoma", said Dr. Mark Iles, the lead author of the study.

They shed light on a shocking fact that said that the ones who were obese were more prone to skin cancer. Before the study, experts thought that the skin disease was caused because of sun bath or regular use of sunbeds.

Cancer researchers from UK and the University of Leeds have explained that the disease has another cause. It said that the gene called FTO may also have a hand in it.

Published in the journal Nature Genetics, it said the researchers observed the DNA of 73,000 patients, including 13,000 with skin cancer. The ones who saw variations in their gene were more vulnerable towards skin cancer.

Approximately 12,800 malignant cases of skin cancer are seen each year in UK. This research has provided a different approach towards skin cancer and also treatment for the same. There is an expected thorough research to follow the observations.