3 New Discoveries Added In Species of Cockroaches

CockroachesResearchers have reported discovery of three new species of the giant cockroach. These species can even exceed a length of 3cm. The discovery has been made in China.

Researchers reported that the cockroach fossil exists on Earth past 400 million years. This is because of their greater level of adaptability and ability that turns them to be one of the oldest survivors on planet Earth.

The newly discovered species are named as Pseudophoraspis clavellata, Pseudophoraspis recurvata and Pseudophoraspis incurvata. All the three are discovered in China and belong to the genus of Pseudophoraspism. This is the first time that the cockroaches belonging to this gene have been discovered in China.

They were discovered at the China's Hainan, Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces respectively. This discovery is said to be expanding the range of the species towards the north.

Researchers suggested that the discovered creatures belong to the Blaberidae family. They explained that in spite of being smaller in size and compact than their other cousins, their length grow more than an inch in their adulthood.

Pseudophoraspis comprises of 15 species globally up till today. Studies suggested that more than 4,500 species of cockroaches known existed from the time of the dinosaurs. The fossils result of the creature that existed back from 400 million years discloses the adaptive nature of this insect.