Research on “Beer Goggles”

BeerAccording to a research by scientists, a phenomenon called as "beer goggles" can enhance the perception of drinkers by making the face of the person appear more attractive.

Another research by London's Roehampton University says that if men and women are asked to rate after drinking, there are flaws in rating. Rating goes higher for even plain-faces.

The study elucidates that alcohol shuts down impulse control in the brain long before it arrives at the key for sexual urges.

A senior lecturer in the department of psychology at Durham University, Dr Amanda Ellison, explained that the brain is planned so that the push for mating is conserved above all else.

In a book entitled 'Getting Your Head around the Brain', Dr. Ellison has explained that basically one sees people as they are. There are no changes in the face of the person physically but the desire climbs.

She also highlighted that the oldest part of the brain is responsible for basic human urges like sexual desire. It still continues to work for a long time even after getting intoxicated.

In her words, "There is no imagined physical transformation - just more desire. Alcohol switches off the rational and decision-making areas of the brain while leaving the areas to do with sexual desire relatively intact".

This study shows the kind of impact alcohol has on society.