Teenager Faces Accusation of Causing Hospitalization of People

Strathclyde-PoliceA number of people, who took Rockstar-named drug at the weekend in Lanarkshire, ended up being hospitalized. Therefore, an 18-year-old teenager, who seemingly supplied the drug, has been called to appear in court on Tuesday.

The drugs have been suspected to be circulating in the region of Lanarkshire. It has been found that a total of seven people had to be hospitalized reportedly following intake of the same. However, they later were discharged from the medical institution.

The accused man has been arrested by Strathclyde Police. Police told that the tablets were sold as ecstasy. Carrying a star impression on them, these drugs were a highly deadly substance. "These substances are unreliable, unpredictable and potentially very dangerous", Chief Inspector Fraser Lamb was quoted as saying.

It was said that affected people would clearly have suffered symptoms, including elevated core temperature, increased heart rate and seizures. Since, the cocktail of substances contained in the pills were likely to cause the same. The pills either are available in red or yellow colour.

People in the Lanarkshire area are being warned by the police about the risks that the substance imposes. Airdrie Sheriff Court would now be questioning the accused man over the swindle.