Philanthropist Donates $15-million for Children’s Pain and Rehabilitation Centre

Philanthropist Donates $15-million for Children’s Pain and Rehabilitation CentreThanks to Clay Riddell, who made a largest ever donation of $15-million for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation on Monday. Foundation President, Saifa Koonar, said to be deeply humbled by the unstinting support from Clay Riddell and his family for creating a new pediatric pain and rehabilitation centre in Calgary.

Riddle said that the gift was in memory of his late wife Vi Riddell. His late wife worked in Alberta Children's Hospital for more than 30 years as a nurse and always wanted to offer help to others. Nothing was more important to her than Kids. She died of leukemia last spring.

Riddle further added, "This hospital and the children who need it always held a special place in Vi's heart. My family and I truly hope this new centre will find new ways to reduce the pain and disability that kids experience so they can grow up to live happy and productive lives".

Dr. Peter Farran, a pediatric anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist, this money will definitely help doctors improve therapies for children with chronic pain because of many complex reasons, including disabilities, chronic diseases, certain cancers or unresolved trauma. According to figures, around 10,000 children in southern Alberta face chronic pain in mild to moderate stages.