Britain’s National Health System Calls New Diet Plan as a Bad Option

Diet-PlanA new diet plan took off quite strongly in the market which works on the rule of 5:2, that is on the rule that the person following it can eat whatever he likes for five days and have to eat as limited as 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men per day for the left two days of the week.

Millions of the followers of this diet plan known as `Fast Diet' swear on the plan.

But other dieticians and medical representatives object about this diet plan saying that the long-run effects would be too fatal to resume back with the good body. They claim that if the diet is continued for too long, it leads to a state known as ketosis. In this situation, body forms up some substances known as ketones that cause a lot of health problems like loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, irritability, tiredness and bad breath. The major problems that it includes are dehydration, gout, kidney stones and even kidney failure.

Britain's National Health System has posted a warning in response to this latest craze of `Fast Diet' on its website which says, "Despite its increasing popularity, there is a great deal of uncertainty about IF (intermittent fasting) with significant gaps in the evidence".