New Breath Test May Fast-Detect Stomach Cancer

Breath-TestA group of researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology has now developed a simple breath test, which is being promised to diagnose stomach cancer.

Published in the British Journal of Cancer, the study has claimed that the diagnosis of this form of cancer would now be revolutionized. Also, the same would be conducted at a fast pace.

The test was trialled and following the same, it was found that it was accurate to some 90% at detecting as well as distinguishing stomach cancers from other complaints in the part. Stomach cancer, as per the findings, is suffered by almost 7,000 people in the UK each year.

A number of these sufferers are the ones having advanced stage of the illness. It has been told that around 20% of the patients are able to live after five years of being diagnosed. Also, some two-fifths of them fail to survive for more than a year.

"The nanomaterial breath test presents a possibility of screening for stomach cancer, which would hopefully lead to earlier diagnosis of the disease", avowed Professor Hossam Haick.

The team said that the test seeks chemical profiles in exhaled breath, which only are found in patients with stomach cancer.