Foodservice Association Helps Canadian Restaurateurs to Figure out Food Allergies

RestaurateursThe Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association in collaboration with Anaphylaxis Canada has come up with a guide that helps understand food allergies in order to avoid risks of food allergic reactions. A girl, 13 years, died in 2013 after eating in school cafeteria.

The enquiry revealed later that French fries consumed by the girl were contaminated with a dairy products transferred by service tongs. The dairy protein triggered Sabrina's allergic reaction.

The reaction is known as Anaphylaxis, which is lethal and can kill within seconds or minutes of exposure to an allergen. Ontario enacted a law three years after the death to protect children at risk of anaphylaxis in schools.

CRFA president and CEO Garth Whyte, said, that the association has the membership with 30,000 plus caterers, including, quick service, eateries, fine dine restaurants, hospital and school caterers. The prime motive of the association is to create awareness of food allergies among people who prepare eatables. The guide will enable to know common foods like egg, milk, nuts and shellfish that attribute to allergic reactions. Also, it will outline the alternative names for common food allergens.

"I think the next step is to effectively communicate with consumers, and that is try and post and show the charts and get your chef and manager to discuss the safe choices, and prepare an emergency plan because you can never prepare for everything", said Whyte.