New Zealanders are Dentaphobics, Says Study

DentaphobicsAccording to Oral-B's Dentaphobia study, New Zealanders are less likely to visit dentists. More than one third of people involved in the study said there last visit was three years ago or never.

Most of the people do not tell truth to their doctors about their oral hygiene habits. The fear could be because of the cost that may occur if something is wrong. Anxiety caused by the pain of drills and needles is also one of the reasons to have New Zealanders refrain from visiting to a doctor, According to the study.

Peter Platts, a dentist from Christchurch, said, fear is a major reason that leads Christchurch people to avoid dental care. However, with modern methods only perception of fear remains among people than actual fear.

He further added, ''It's a perceived fear of pain, but then people come out and say it wasn't really as bad as what they thought it would be. And if patients saw their dentist more regularly it would be more cost-effective for them".

Approximately 70% of females and 60% of males said to feel anxious by the idea of consulting a dentist. More than one in eight respondents said they would prefer to come out of the washroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe than visiting a dentist.