Contradictions over Release of 11 Exotic Beetle Spices

Beetle-SpicesThe New Zealand Herald stated that 11 new species of beetle are confirmed to be released in the upcoming months. These beetles will be sent to the farms for consuming the cow dung.

There is a suspicion that a large amount of beetles can result in the spread of nasty stomach bugs. Sources suggested that the beetles that act upon the dung can also carry E coli, salmonella, camphylobacter and giardia.

Dr. Denise Barnfather, the Regional Public Health Service medical of Auckland stated that there is enough elemental evidence to proof that dung beetles may increase the spread of significant gastro-intestinal diseases in people.

She added that the spread of the diseases from the water tanks, or among children eating dead beetles or handling insects has not been examined in a proper way yet. Andrew Barber, project manager of the Dung Beetle Release Strategy Group stated that the insects will alter the farming in New Zealand to a biggest level ever.

However, the Science dean Professor Grant Guilford from the Auckland University considered the decision of releasing insects to be "deeply flawed". He added that his "veterinary bones" suggested him the insufficient duty of care that is surrounded by the matter.

The cost of beetles is marked to be at $1 to $2 by the documents circulated by the strategy group. It also disclosed that farmers will be paying up for $5,000 to $10,000 to establish colonies on their farm lands.