Dangerously High Amounts of Sodium Consumed by Canadians, Says Study

Dangerously High Amounts of Sodium Consumed by Canadians, Says StudyAccording to a recent study, Canadians are consuming alarmingly high amounts of sodium in their daily diet causing potentially dangerous diseases like hypertension, obesity, strokes and heart attack.

Researchers have asserted that a high sodium intake is the leading cause of health problems in Canada. Experts affirmed that Canadians are risking their lives by taking up such a high quantities of this food ingredient and they are urging government to take steps to deal with the problem.

Dr. Andrew Pipe from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute said that current health system in the country is unsustainable and it is required to address the issues relating to disease prevention with greater concern.

Moreover, 80 Canadians were evaluated by the researchers and it was found that 99% of them consumed sodium more than the recommended quantity of 1,500 mg per day. In addition, 77% were found to be exceeding the 2,300 mg limit of sodium intake.

Average intake in the country is 3,400 mg per day. "I don't understand why the daily value is so high. I'd like to meet the person who set 2,300, show them my health chart and say, `What the hell are you doing?'", said Ontario resident Chuck Ferguson, who suffers from high blood pressure.