App Makers Faced a Betraying Path on Facebook

FacebookFacebook fired its chief executive and nearly half of its staff as a result of the blames of declining the user numbers on something that was once believed as a milestone in the path of success.

It was suggested that last year, 30-person startup impressed prospective investors with skyrocketing user growth figures. They were successful in winning funding from them at a $370 million valuation. The project was named as Viddy, a video-sharing Facebook app.

It was symbolized as "Instagram for video" by the tech press because of its billion-dollar-plus buyout. The project also had an investment from the pop star Justin Bieber.

Brian O'Malley, a Viddy director and a partner at venture capital firm Battery Ventures stated that it was a world known fact that Facebook can drive a huge amount of traffic. He suggested that however, that a frequent change is also seen in Facebook regarding whosoever gets the traffic.

He added that the decline had disappointed them. The tale of the dramatic reversal of fortune of the app Viddy is commonly known among the builders of software and services. These builders contributed in grabbing the stardom of the No. 1 social network by Facebook.

Douglas Purdy, Facebook's director of developer products stated that the apps that are proven popular are only boosted by Facebook. He also added that the spam complaints received by Facebook had also reduced by 90 percent.

He added that the users are the people who decide the fortune of the apps at the end and if any one who is a good developer and good at sharing real content will get good traffic.