Britain’s Elderly Face “Loneliness Epidemic”: Research

LonelinessA study which involved a survey has shed light on the fact that Britain's elderly people above 65 stay lonely for 100 days. Researchers have called this phase of elderly as a "loneliness epidemic".

Survey was conducted over 1,000 elderly people for the Associated Retirement Community Operators (Arco). It was discovered that London has been the loneliest place for the old.

Figures say that 25% of the over-65 people feel lonely at some point of time in year. All those who are 75 above even come across circumstances where they do not meet anyone on weekends.

Each day pensioners spend approximately 6.4 waking hours alone amounting to 99 days for the whole year. When asked from above-75s, it was found that 18% of them stayed a complete weekend without speaking to anyone. Approximately 50% people expressed that they failed to speak about their loneliness with their family.

After revealing these results, Arco chairman Jon Gooding announced that there was an urgent need of housing options to defeat loneliness.

"Loneliness is as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is worse for us than obesity", Laura Ferguson, Campaign to End Loneliness director. According to her, this research calls for an immediate action for the decision involved old people.