Rapid Rise in UK Car Production

Car-ProductionUK car production accelerated rapidly, rising 64.8% from the same period of the previous year. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, since May 1976 that was the largest year-on-year increase in monthly production.

About 101,190 cars were manufactured in January, up from 85,316 in December. Car production level chops down to a 25-year low in 2009.

"SMMT expects a modest recovery in 2010 output as economic growth, a competitive exchange rate and the introduction of innovative new models to UK plants help to lift manufacturing levels above those seen in 2009", said Mr. Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive.

Comparing with January 2009, UK engine production rose 26.3%, last month.

"The January production figures show the benefits that the scrap page scheme is continuing to deliver to the automotive sector. I am pleased that the scheme has helped the industry to achieve its biggest output gain since May
1976", said a Business Department spokesman.