Studies Deny Mental Decline Link with Heart-Lung Machines

Studies Deny Mental Decline Link with Heart-Lung MachinesIn two latest studies, researchers affirmed that heart-lung machines used in bypass surgery were completely safe and had no link to mental decline as believed by many people.

During a bypass surgery, doctors stop the heart and employ heart pump instead to do the work done by the heart.  It makes easier for them to fix the problems with heart while patients are served by the machines.

It emerged that many people complained about decline in mental health levels after the surgery, which they say is linked to these heart-lung machines.  The new studies, thus, tested all the factors to see if that was true.

The study was led by Dr.  Andre Lamy of Canada's McMaster University.  It assessed about 4,752 people from 19 countries, which were randomly assigned to have bypass surgery with or without use of heart pumps.

After one year, when the statistics were compiled, they found no big difference in rates of deaths, heart attacks, strokes or kidney failures among the two groups.  Mental ability and life quality of the people was also evaluated and it was learnt that it was similar in them.

"I'm actually somewhat surprised.  It seems pretty conclusive", said Dr.  Timothy Gardner, a Surgeon and a Spokesman for American Heart Association.