Mobile Sized Ultrasound Scanner Launches in Europe and North America

Mobile Sized Ultrasound Scanner Launches in Europe and North AmericaA portable ultrasound scanner having the same size as a large mobile phone has been launched in Europe and North America.

The scanner could speed up diagnosis for emergency patients, medics claim. The Vscan can be used to image the heart and other organs.

Doctors revealed that the hand-held machine, which looks like a cross between a flip-top phone and an iPod, could prove helpful even outside the hospital, for example in doctors' surgeries, in homes or on military operations.

Developer GE Healthcare revealed that the portable device is priced at £5,000 in the UK, and it is developed to deliver a fast diagnosis and enable early treatment, rather than as an alternative to traditional scanners.

The moving color images fetched from the scanner depict blood flow around the heart and by switching to black and white one can see heart valves opening and closing.

George Sutherland, Professor of Cardiac Imaging at St. George's, London, the first doctor in Britain to use the machine, posted, "In terms of clinical practice it's a huge step forward. We're giving people essentially an electronic stethoscope in their pocket ... with adequate training this should mean we can diagnose rapidly and treat accordingly. It should be an amazing development".