Parents Ask Government to Ban Smoking in Cars

Smoking-CarsIn order to curb the rising population of young smokers, parents have asked the government to enact by-laws that would ban smoking in cars.

According to some parents, children imitate whatever they see and thus, the atmosphere matters. A UK research has also established the fact that television schedules are exposing children to millions of images of tobacco use. Parents believe that prohibiting the consumption of tobacco in cars will remove some factors that may tempt their children.

Dr. Dolly Habbal, clinical psychologist at the Gulf Diagnostics Centre Hospital in the capital, affirms the proposal by saying that passive smoking leads to many health problems for children and also results in negative traits in them.

According to him, "Although cars are a private space, the presence of a child places certain responsibilities upon adults, and these are what the by-law addresses. We are now waiting for approval from the Cabinet".

Dr. Widad Al Maidour, head of tobacco control at the Ministry of Health also mentioned that the Federal Law on Tobacco Control (No 15 of 2009) was proposed to the UAE Cabinet. The by-law is a part of this proposal and plans to punish the offenders with a fine of Dh500.

Looking at the rising smokers in UK, the ban may extract one of the reasons of attraction towards smoking, according to the parents.