HTC Desire Across UK Announced by 3

HTC Desire Across UK Announced by 3Official announcements from 3 have confirmed that the company has decided to release the HTC Desire for UK, long after its rival operators undertook the same task.

On Tuesday, the HTC Desire was officially unveiled by the Taiwanese manufacturer of mobile handsets, and instant announcements came from the end of T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone that they would be selling the phone in UK.

O2 also jumped the bandwagon soon, and now, 3 has become the latest operator to join the list.

The release will be much later than the competitors, with 3 looking at a "Spring" release.

"HTC is producing some fantastic internet phones at the moment, and are really leading the pack. Like us, they really understand what consumers want from the internet on their phone - a flexible and intuitive interface, coupled with a reliable 3G network that offers a strong and speedy connection. Our network is growing every day and the HTC Desire is one of many internet-phones set to enter our range this year to really make the most of it", said Sylvia Chind, Head of Branded Devices at 3.