Postpartum Depression Seen In One-Seventh of New Mothers, Says Study

Postpartum Depression Seen In One-Seventh of New Mothers, Says StudyAccording to a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry on March 13, one-seventh of the new mothers were reported to suffer from postpartum depression.

The risks of suffering from the condition are higher for the mother of below 20 years of age. In addition, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, having unplanned pregnancy, having mixed feelings about pregnancy, depression history, any anxiety disorders or experiencing any stressful situation during pregnancy are the other factors that lead to surge in the risk.

Bad relationship with your partner also adds to the factors. Other factors that pose additional risk of suffering from the condition are being single, while being pregnant or experiencing money or housing problems.

The study derived its results from observing over 10,000 women who gave birth to their babies at an obstetrical hospital in Pittsburgh. Researchers interacted with these ladies continuously on telephone at four to six weeks of delivery.

About 14% of the women were found with the signs of depressions. Of these, 40.1% women suffered postpartum depression, 33.4% had depression during pregnancy and 26.5% of them suffered it before pregnancy.

"The vast majority of postpartum women with depression are not identified or treated even though they are at higher risk for psychiatric disorders", said Dr. Katherine Wisner, the lead author of the study.