Call for Government to Address Growing Ageing Society

AgeingA House of Lords report expressed serious concerns over government's slow approach to address the issue of ageing society. According to the figures of Office for National Statistics, there will be a rise of 50% people over 65 between 2010 and 2030. Moreover, over 85 will be doubled by that time.

The government is woefully underprepared for growing ageing population. Nearly 60 years ago, the 1954 Phillips reports presented the facts of ageing population and concluded that a rise in pension age is inevitable. The reports recommended 68 years for men.

Reforms are needed in retirements and pensions. No UK government has so far proposed a logical and appropriate model that ensures health and social care of the ageing population. Things have changed a lot since the Phillips reports.

Men aged to 65 are expected to live to 88 and women to 91 by 2030. People generally live with an illusion that there lifestyle will be the same after retirement. However, most of the people do not save enough to enjoy their post-retirement life.

So, there is a need of radical reforms. If people want to work post-retirement, they should be allowed to continue with work. The report suggests an end to "cliff-edge" retirement with part-time and flexible jobs.