Prostate Cancer Destroying Men’s Sex Life

Prostate-CancerThe Macmillan Cancer Support charity claims that prostate cancer has been destroying men's sex life to a high extent. Either little or no sex is what all the sufferers have been experiencing.

More than 40,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with the potentially lethal disease each year. And the charity told that almost 160,000 men of these realize little sex once they start receiving treatment for the disease.

The reason behind the same, as per the report, is the side-effects caused by radiotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy meant to treat the cancer. It has been informed that these may lead to erectile dysfunction, which means permanent nerve damage, not allowing maintenance of an erection.

The report found that the problem could also be temporary in some patients. On the other hand, some of the patients of the cancer also face psychological barrier to sex. Two in every three patients reported that they could not get an erection. It is being said that availability of more services on the NHS could help patients in this regard.

"Many can be helped through early intervention and better support for men living with or beyond prostate cancer", said Macmillan Cancer Support's Chief Medical Officer Prof. Jane Maher.