NHS Confederation Proposes Radical Changes

NHSIn order to reduce service costs, the NHS Confederation has proposed some radical changes that can be introduced in the NHS.

As per the proposed changes, patients may be charged £8.50 for making a call to an out-of-hours doctor. Not only this, they can also be asked to pay for watching television as well as for their meals.

NHS Confederation Chief Executive Mike Farrar said, "The NHS is facing severe pressure on its finances. We are coming to a critical juncture and need to have a frank discussion about the road ahead".

But, it seems that patients and their families do not like the idea. It has been found that the proposal has caused anger amongst them. Farrar continued to stress on the fact that they are stuck in such a time that they need to make certain changes.

Moreover, it is the time to show commitment in order to improve care being provided to patients. The report has unveiled that the NHS is going to witness severe financial crisis and a workable solution is needed.

The NHS Confederation has made it clear that they need to take steps by which they are able to manage their resources.