One in Every Four Women Wish They Were Men

A recent study in UK has suggested that a section of women who are really irritated with pre-menstrual tension and the pain of pregnancy, wish to be men. It revealed that one in every four women possess the same wish.

In addition, the study claimed that nearly fifteen per cent wanted to be male while battling mood swings. A further nine per cent claimed that they think men have it easier physically, reported The Daily Express.

The survey by Seven Seas Femibion health supplement involved in all 2,048 women, of which twelve per cent of the respondents were unprepared for pregnancy.

Around 87 per cent of the respondents admitted that they never very comfortable with the physical changes to their body during puberty.

Moreover, more than half, 55%, reported that they were not at their happiest stage of life, reports The Daily Express.

Daily Express medical expert Dr Rosemary Leonard said, "Hormone levels are central to women's well being. It's vital to have a balanced diet and nutritional support when your body needs it".