Autism Can be Hereditary: Study

autismA new study suggested that a grandfather affected by autism can gradually pass the risk to his successors.

However, the reason behind such a transmission is still not clear to the scientists. The scientists have suggested being cautious about the developing risk of autism.

As per the records of the National Autistic Society, every one person out of 100 individuals is affected by the condition. Researchers from the UK, Sweden and Australia said the study is a proof that suggests that the risk of the disease can be transmitted from a generation to the other.

Dr. Avi Reichenberg, co-author of the study, suggested that though the exact percentage of the risk is still not discovered, kids born to older fathers grow up unaffected from the disease. However, the risk may get transmitted to the further generations.

The study finds its bases in examining the collected data from Sweden that included a total of 6,000 people suffering from the condition. It also included more than 30,000 people without a track of their parents' and grandparents' ages.

It was discovered that a person with a daughter at the age of 50 or older was 1.79 times more likely to have a grandchild affected with the condition in comparison to those people who were fathers in the age from 20-24 years.

However, the researchers suggested that the study should not be affecting people of older ages to have kids. It suggested that the risk is there but is at a very scarce rated.