Changes Introduced in American Academy of Neurology

American-Academy-of-NeurologyAmerican Academy of Neurology has revised its guidelines which were dating back to 1997. As per the guidelines, trainers and physicians have been recommended that they should deter players from playing in a setting which risks concussion.

It has been said that as many as 3.8 million athletes suffer from concussions and that too every year. Among them, there will be a number of players who will not even seek medical help. A number of them do not even report their injuries to a doctor and trainer.

In order to bring all such things under knowledge, new guidelines have been made. Previous guidelines used to grade concussion severity on the scale of one to three. But there is no such case in the novel guidelines.

As per the new guidelines, every athlete should be assessed on individual basis rather than classifying him in slabs of severity of condition. The novel guidelines have been published in Journal Neurology.

One of the best changes introduced in the novel guidelines is that a player is immediately removed when it’s suspected that he might be suffering from a concussion. Moreover, its comeback depends upon his treatment and degree of recovery. His re-entry depends on individualized treatment.