NHS Cost-Cutting Methods Affecting Patients

nhsA number of cuts have been made in order to save £20billion for the functioning of the NHS. Recently, a report has been taken out as per which cuts are being made on NHS treatments like operations.

Patients are made to witness long waiting queues. A twist has come in the story in which George Osborne has taken back £2.2 billion and has put the entire amount in the Treasury. The move was termed as surprising by Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham and has asked Jeremy Hunt to take an action.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee does not like idea of saving by making cost cutting cuts. They were of the view that such saving can repeat the incident of the Mid Staffs scandal.

They continued by saying that till now, appropriate methods have not been taken to make savings. Rather than reforming the working of the NHS, authorities concerned have been making cuts like freezing wages.

"We have been absolutely clear that access to NHS services should not be restricted on the basis of cost. Decisions on treatments should be made by clinical experts", said a spokesman from Department of Health.

Jamie Reed, Shadow Health Minister, said it is not the first time when it has been said that the NHS ways have been affecting patients.