UAE-US to boost nuclear energy trade co-operation

NuclearA 50-member delegation comprising representatives of 40 US companies would visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this week-end under three-day visit sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and the US-UAE Business Council. Offices of both countries would explore more options to co-operate in the civilian nuclear energy sector.

The delegation would hold talks with the officials of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Nuclear Energy Program Implementation Organization and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) which bagged a contract worth billion dollars for building nuclear reactors in the country.

Danny Sebright, President of the council said that US is keen to be a part of nuclear program of UAE and its companies are well positioned to compete for the nuclear business for bringing clean and reliable electricity to the UAE's citizens and its business sector.

NEI's Senior Director, Lisa Steward expressed, "NEI has been impressed with how the UAE has constructed its nuclear energy program, particularly its extensive cooperation with the IAEA and responsible governments, and with the high standards of safety, security and operational transparency being put in place."