Life Expectancy Rate for Men Up by 6 hours per day: Study

Life Expectancy Rate for Men Up by 6 hours per day: StudyAs per a new study, life expectancy of males in last 30 years has increased by six hours a day. Life expectancy of females has increased by four hours a day in the same time period, stated an analyst at the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

The analysts are of the view that lifespan is increasing with such a rapid rate that baby boys born 28 days from today will have a week long life on average than the baby boys born today.

The reason of increasing life expectancy are said to be advancement in the medical services and the economic changes. The changes in the economy lead to the more healthy eating habits and people living in more comfortable and heated houses.

The ONS report explains, "One major factor is the improvements in mortality from circulator diseases, such as heart disease and stroke, partly driven by changing smoking habits and medical and technological advances".

The figures released by ONS also suggest that according to the last census done in England and Wales, there were around 11,700 people who were above the age of 100 years.