Paramedics Working as Nurses Due to Staff Shortage

Paramedics Working as Nurses Due to Staff ShortageUK hospitals are facing nursing staff shortage in hospitals, especially in Accident & Emergency departments and resultantly the paramedics have to wait with the patients nursing them till the time patients get attention of the hospital authorities.

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer of West Midlands Ambulance Service Steve Wheaton said if a problem carrier would call 999 for help, it would remain unanswered. He said their response system is going down while the paramedics are ending up doing the nursing jobs. Wheaton is concerned that if somebody seriously ill needs immediate aid, they won't be able to help.

Telling about a recent case which occurred this week, Wheaton said a paramedics of trust have to stay with a patient for six hours in the hospital in Dudley, West Midlands, waiting for the nurses to hand them over the patient. Wheaton calls this situation as old one which is getting worse with the progressive years.

A spokesperson at the department of Health said that to ensure the safety of patients, there should always be the sufficient level of staff. He said, "There are now more clinical staff in the NHS than in 2010, including around 5,500 more doctors, 1,300 more midwives and more than 900 more health visitors".