Scientists Device EvaluationReusable Chip for Alcohol

Scientists Device Reusable Chip for Alcohol EvaluationPriced at mere $5, scientists have designed a chip that can assess the amount of ethanol and methanol separately in a drink.

The need emerged from the poisoning caused by the methanol consumption. It was learnt that this alcohol was quite cheaper and was, therefore, mixed with ethanol by the vendors or manufacturers to collect high profits.

It was seen that the methanol mixed in alcohol was giving rise to serious issues like blindness and in even death in some cases. It is actually ethanol that is safe for consumption, provided that it is taken within limits. On the contrary, methanol is another name for poison among alcohols and is not at all safe for consumption.

The problem with the matter is that, methanol is no different from ethanol in appearance, taste or smell. It, therefore, becomes nearly impossible to spot if the drink contains methanol or not. Deceived by the same, people accidently consume the poisonous liquid to fall into the pit of death.

The chip designed by the scientists of Columbia is capable of analyzing the percentage of methanol and ethanol in the drink. It works through an antennae and is of size smaller than a penny. Developers are further looking forward to design a device that will be capable of delivering the information on mobile phones.