Rule of Less Hours of Work for Medical Interns Leads to More Mistakes

MistakesAs per a new report released in an online publication of JAMA Internal Medicine, the researchers found that the medial interns, who are working under the new rules, are making more mistakes, taking not enough sleep and carries more symptoms of depression than the interns who are working under the older rules.

The new rule defined the working hours of medical interns up to 80 hours a week so that they can retrain from doing any kind of mistakes and save them from hampering the health of any patient.

The study involved 2,300 doctors from more than a dozen of national hospitals. The researchers did a comparative study on the doctors who were serving before the new rule of working hours came in 2011 and the doctors working after coming of new rule. The researchers looked for duty hours, sleep hours, symptoms of depression, well-being and medical errors, for their first year of residency on the same place dividing into four sessions at three, six, nine and 12 months.

The results came out that the rate of depression among both the groups remained same. The medical errors are reported to be more done by the group following new rules then the older group. The researchers concealed the reason that the followers of new rules have to accomplish same level of work in less time leading to increasing mistakes.